Saturday, July 2, 2011


this might just be one of my favorite breakfasts to make. it is really easy and takes almost no time to make!

for the toasts:
four slices of bread (ive been using bread from trader joe's which costs around $3 a loaf)
trader joe's white bean hummus spread - or any hummus you want really (3.99 a container)
one avocado cut in half ($1.50- $2.00)
one tomato ($1.00)
tempeh bacon- as many strips as you like. i usually use half a package. ($3)

one small onion (.50) diced into tiny chunks
one clove of garlic(.30) diced
half a bag of trader joe's tater tots (i think its a little over two dollars for the bag)
vegetable oil (few teaspoons... ten cents worth? haha)

around $15-17 if you have to buy all the items and have nothing at home.
but, you really are only spending $6-7 to make this actual recipe because so much of this you will use for other things or you might already have many of these ingredients on hand.

in a small frying pan cook the tempeh bacon strips in a little vegetable oil on medium heat. cook until they start to crisp about five to ten minutes. Once the tempeh is at your desired crispness, keep warm on very low heat in the pan.

while that starts cooking, in a medium sized frying pan put in the the vegetable oil, garlic and onion on medium heat. cook for a few minutes until it starts to get soft. Add the tater tots and combine all the ingredients in the pan. Cook until the tater tots are warm and somewhat crispy. probably about ten to fifteen minutes total.

toast your bread. When the bread is finished toasting you are ready to assemble the open face sandwiches.

-place a heavy amount of hummus as the first layer on the bread.
-take half the avocado, make vertical slices in the avocado half and lay on top of the hummus layer. for each toast i use a quarter of a avocado.
- cut the tempeh strips in half and lay on top of the avocado layer.
- slice the tomato thinly and lay that on top of the tempeh bacon layer.

your open face sandwiches are now complete!!!! serve with a side of the tater tot homefries!!!!

the finished product:


  1. hiya!

    long time reader, first time poster.

    I am Arne Scheerlinck, from Belgium, and I'm writing in a zine in which I would like to feature something from your blog.
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    if you would be up for it, I'd love to hear from you on ohdeer AT live DOT nl!


  2. howdy!

    pleeeeeease continue making vegan slop!

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    i am a longtime ampere fan and my girlfriend is a longtime certified chef from a hippie natural foods school, the combination should be too much for yall to not check out.